Mission Statement

As a partner in shaping health care for Alaska, the UAA School of Nursing educates students for current and future roles in local, state, national, and worldwide arenas. The School addresses the diverse and unique health care challenges across the state by sharing expertise in education, service, policy, and political arenas and through innovative research for the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.

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What will I learn?

AAS Nursing Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the AAS Nursing Program at UAA, the graduate will:

  1. Utilize critical thinking skills to assess and diagnose nursing needs and to prioritize, plan, implement , and evaluate care for patients and their families in institutional and community based settings.
  2. Effectively communicate verbally, in writing, and electronically with health team members, patients and their families in diverse settings.
  3. Plan, implement and evaluate care that is safe, evidence-based, caring, and developmentally and culturally sensitive within ethical, legal, and professional standards.
  4. Coordinate care of small groups of patients in collaboration with other members of the health care team.
  5. Develop a plan for lifelong learning and continuing professional development.

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The program provides students with a closely related mix of theory and clinical practice.  Students gain clinical experience in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.  The program requires a minimum of two years of full-time study.

What classes will I take?

The AAS Nursing program requires admission to the UAA AAS Pre-Nursing program, completion of program pre-requisites, and a program application.  For details and application materials see the UAA School of Nursing webpage.

For advising and additional information, please contact:

Coordinator of Student Affairs
Nursing Programs
University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508-8030
Telephone:(907) 786-4550
FAX: (907) 786-4559
Email: nursing@uaa.alaska.edu

Degree Requirements

A total of 70 credits are required for the Associate of Applied Science, Nursing degree; including 20 credits at the 200-level (built into the program). These credits are taken in the following areas:

General Education Requirements (GER) - Course/Credits
Course Course Title Credits
COMM 111, COMM 235, COMM 237, or COMM 241 Oral Communication Skills 3
ENGL 111, and ENGL 211, 212 or 213 Written Communication Skills 6
  Social Science- GER 3
  Humanities, Math, Natural or Social Sciences - GER 3
Program Requirements (Course/Credits)
Course Course Title Credits
BIOL 111/L Anatomy and Physiology 4
BIOL 112/L Anatomy and Physiology 4
BIOL 240/L Microbiology 4
PSY 150 Life Span Development 3
DN 203 Nutrition for Health Sciences 3

Acceptance into the Nursing Major is required before enrollment in the first nursing course, NURS 120/L.The major consists of four clinical semester.

Nursing Courses (Course/Credits)

Semester I
Course Course Title Credits
NURS 120/L Nursing Fundamentals 7
Semester II
Course Course Title Credits
NURS 125/L Adult Nursing I 7
NURS 180 Nursing Pharmacology 3
Semester III
Course Course Title Credits
NURS 220/L Perinatal Nursing 4
NURS 221 Parenteral Therapy Lab 1
NURS 222/L Pediatric Nursing 4
Semester IV
Course Course Title Credits
NURS 225/L Adult Nursing II 6
NURS 250/L Psychiatric Nursing 4
NURS 255 The Staff Nurse 1

Graduates must perform successfully on the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) to obtain RN licensure.

What can I do with this degree?

The Associate Degree (AAS) prepares graduates for practice with individuals in structured care settings such as hospitals. AAS graduates may also choose to advance their career through the baccalaureate completion program.

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Earning Potential

In Alaska, RNs earn an average hourly wage of $30.41, and have an average annual salary of $63,260.

Job Outlook

In Alaska, there are currently many job opportunities for RNs – approximately 256 openings a year – and this occupation is expected to grow rapidly.


  • monitoring and record keeping of patient status
  • administer treatments and medications
  • supervise certified nurse assistants and aides
  • provide instruction to individuals, families and the public on health issues