Mission Statement

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The Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Office Support develops skills that an administrative assistant would use in an office setting.

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What will I learn?

Upon completion of this OEC students will demonstrate:

  1. Keyboarding skills of 40 net words per minute.
  2. Intermediate skills in spreadsheets.
  3. Intermediate skills in managing data using a variety of media.
  4. Develop business quality digital presentations and documents using a variety of media.
  5. Compose appropriate business communications.
  6. Collaborate in office settings.

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What classes will I take?

Office Foundations OEC (16 credits)

  • CIOS A101B Keyboarding B: Business Documents I--1 credit 
  • CIOS A101C Keyboarding C: Business Documents II--1 credit
  • CIOS A115 10-key for Business Calculations--2 credits
  • CIOS A125 Electronic Communications I: MS Outlook--1 credit
  • CIOS A140 Databases I MS Access--1 credit
  • CIOS A150A Presentations: MS PowerPoint--1 credit
  • CIOS A161A Business Writing Strategies--2 credits
  • CIOS A165 Office Procedures--3 credits
  • CIOS A230 Word Processing II: MS Word--1 credit
  • Advisor approved electives--3 credits

Office Support OEC (16 credits)

Complete the 16 credits of the Office Foundations Certificate (above)  and then complete the following:

CIOS A235A Spreadsheets II: MS Excel--1 credit
CIOS A260A Business Communications--3 credit
CIOS A262 Job Search Strategies--2 credit
CIOS A264A Records Management--2 credit
CIOS A265 Office Management--3 credit
CIOS A276A Independent Project--1 credit
CIOS A295 Office Internship--1 credit
ENGL A111 Introduction to Composition--3 credit

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What can I do with this degree?

This certificate prepares you to be an administrative assistant in an office setting.

Secretaries and administrative assistants:

  • maintain filing systems
  • route and distribute mail
  • answer routine letters and email
  • attach files to messages
  • operate fax machines and other office equipment
  • use computers for spreadsheet, word processing, database management and other applications.

Earning Potential
Administrative assistants earn about $15-$18/ hour or $ 35,000 per year.

Job Outlook
This field is growing about as fast as average.

For more information or advising contact Heather Corriere.


Office phone: 907-486-1212