Facilities Use Fee Schedule

The room fees listed below are for community events not sponsored by Kodiak College.

Examples of external community members include non-profits, corporations, individuals, and government organizations. If you have questions about which rate shall apply to you, please contact Sandra Chichenoff.

Large Events

Events for 75 guests or more will be required to pay custodial overtime for clean-up. Organizations will be charged for a minimum of 2 hours at $30 per hour. In addition, events hosting more than 75 guests or lasting more than two days will require a deposit of $300. 

Additional Information

Many rooms at Kodiak College have computer projection podiums (indicated by an asterisk below). The use of AV equipment may require your organization to pay for a minimum of 1 hour of technical assistance to ensure its proper use. If the room you are interested in does not have built in projection and this is something that your event requires, please wait for a community room request confirmation from the Directors Office before reserving additional equipment. 

Payment Information

Payment Payment must be received within three (3) days prior to event. Refunds will be issued if cancellation notice is received two (2) days prior to event or if Kodiak College cancels the event.

Other Event Service Fees


Campus Building Room Non-profit & Government Organizations Per Day For-profit & Private Organizations Per Day
Benny Benson Classroom 106 $125 $150
Benny Benson Classroom 107 $100 $125
Benny Benson Classroom 110 $100 $125
Benny Benson Classroom 112 $100 $125
Benny Benson Classroom 128 $100 $125
Benny Benson Classroom 129/130 $150 $175
Benny Benson Kodiak Room 134A, Conference $125 $175
Campus Center Classroom 101, Computer Classroom $150 $175
Campus Center Classroom 127, Fixed Stadium Seating $100 $125
Campus Center Classroom 211 $100 $125
Campus Center Alutiiq Studies Room 212, Conference $150 $175
Technology Center Classroom 101A $75 $100
Technology Center Classroom 102 $75 $100