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Nancy Castro

Kodiak College graduate Nancy Castro

Nancy Castro moved to Kodiak from Mexico in 1999. She started at The Adult Basic Education program and earned her General Education Diploma in May, 2008.

In the fall of 2008, Nancy enrolled in the Smart Start Program at Kodiak College. She began work in 2009 as a Spanish tutor, a student assistant in the computer lab, and as an assistant in Student Services. If she wasn't in class or at one of her jobs on campus, Nancy could be found at The Learning Center, working with tutors on her own schoolwork. Her hard work paid off. Nancy was on the Chancellor's and Dean's honors lists, and in 2012 she graduated with honors.

When asked to name a favorite professor, Nancy could not pick just one but remembers her first semester instructors fondly. She says her professors were "always available for my infinity list of questions." She reports math with Jesse Mickelson was fast paced and fun. She sat in the front and never dared to miss a class. Adelia Myrick, who taught reading strategies, showed her how to appreciate and comprehend reading. Evelyn Davidson, from College Preparatory and Developmental Studies helped her grow as a writer, so when Nancy got stuck, Evelyn helped her move on and turn her thoughts into stories. Questa Harper, who taught Sentence Skills, made sense out of English grammar and helped "to put words in order and meaning to phrases". Academic Counselor, Barbara Brown showed her how to navigate college life.

In fact, Nancy remembers Barbara approaching her as she was adjusting her cap just before graduation. She had a cord in her hand and said "Nancy, this for you. You graduated with honors". Nancy graduated cum laude, with dual Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Accounting and General Business in 2012. She also started working as a receptionist at Student Services that year.

Currently, Nancy is enrolled in a distance Bachelor of Arts in Social Work program through UAF with a minor in Spanish. She is the Financial Aid Coordinator and has been helping families and students access funding for college since 2016.