From the Director's Desk

As of this writing, I am celebrating my first 90 days as the Director of Kodiak College. I am so grateful for the staff, faculty, students, and community members who have so generously welcomed me, embraced me, and answered my trillions of questions. It has been exciting to explore my new home with Fletcher (my fur child), meet people, and begin working for the college community.  

The staff and faculty of Kodiak College have undertaken a variety of initiatives and workgroups in recent months.  The most significant of which is the kick-off to developing a new strategic plan.  Our Advisory Council is preparing to hold multiple focus groups of local stakeholders to drill down to the needs of the community and the perception of our performance and community engagement.  This will be an opportunity for all Kodiakans to engage with the college and help us chart our path forward.  After the holidays, you will begin seeing more information about these focus groups.  

Halloween has always been the kick-off to the holiday season for me.  After Halloween, we seem to barrel like an out-of-control-freight-train towards New Year’s Day.  As we charge full force into the holiday season, I’d like to give a gentle reminder for current students to register for Spring Semester now.  If you would like to return or start with us in Spring Semester, now is also the time to be reaching out to our financial aid and admissions folks who stand at the ready to support your goals.  Acting now will save you time and fuss as we transition out of the holidays in January.  

In a few short days, we celebrate Thanksgiving.  It’s going to be a bit of a different Thanksgiving than many of us have experienced, thanks to COVID.  I’ll be spending my day on Zoom with my family in Idaho and friends across the country.  My wish for each of you is that you connect with your loved ones in meaningful ways, build memories with them, and bring joy to others this Thanksgiving season.