UAA Features Kaleb Callahan on Stories of Impact

Kaleb Callahan is a Kodiak High School student and JumpStart funding recipient who earned his high school diploma in January 2021 and will graduate with his Associate of Arts in May 2021. This is an excerpt from his Stories of Impact article from UAA:

He answered the following questions about his experience as a Kodiak College student during high school and his plans for the future.

Please comment on your academic experience at Kodiak College.
Kodiak College was a new learning experience for me — the free and open ability to ask questions and even challenge some of the content was not only appropriate but encouraged thorough discussion. Those attributes were not reflected in high school.

Please tell us about your future academic or career goals.
I’m heading to UAF in pursuit of a bachelor's degree and more potential opportunities; my major will be physics and a minor in philosophy. We will see what happens after that, whether it be applying for a graduate program or a job, we will see.

Please provide a quote we could share about your experience at Kodiak College.
The local experience at Kodiak College offered me an affordable academic challenge. With teachers curious and open to questions it provided a place for a mind to thrive. If it wasn't for the college courses, I honestly don't think I would have made it through high school.

What advice do you have for incoming students?
Try to beat procrastination early, don't procrastinate beating procrastination.