Kodiak College Strategic Plan 2025

Strategic Plan 

Strategy: Equity gaps in student learning and achievement are narrowed


  1. Revise, refine, and expand academic support initiatives to be culturally responsive. 
  2. Create savings for students
  3. Streamline DSS services at KoC
  4. Expand Technology Lending Library

Strategy: Student are retained, persist, and graduate at increasing rates


  1. Develop a comprehensive Middle College program with access and equity as a focus to increase post-secondary degree and certificate attainment for high school students
  2. Develop and launch Silver to Gold and Silver to Blue (Education and MA program only) Initiatives 
  3. Complete three year academic planner
  4. Revise, refine, and expand academic support initiatives utilizing existing resources

Strategy: Deepen and expand community engagement beyond current level 


  1. Develop stronger relationships with HS and KIBSD through Middle College work
  2. Develop a more formalized partnership with KSMSC
  3. Increase Number of Courses Offered and Enrollment in Community Education Courses 
  4. Launch a “Meet Your…” campaign to be a seen and known presence in our community Faculty, Staff, Students, & Alums
  5. Expand industry partnerships and community partnerships

Strategy: Enhance revenue and financial sustainability through increased enrollment, external support, fundraising, and fee-for-service entrepreneurial activities


  1. Coordinated, targeted, sustainable outreach and recruiting to untapped/under tapped populations (i.e. Coast Guard Base, High School, Villages, Native Corporations)
  2. Creation of local emergency grant/loan program for students
  3. Research, evaluate, and apply for targeted student support and program expansion grants
  4. Evaluate opportunities for welding program to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

Strategy: Reduce barriers and redundancies in administrative processes


  1. Streamline application, admission, and registration processes for students
  2. Request permission to eliminate unneeded items kept in storage
  3. Advocate for statewide registration systems in regards to distance courses that are equitable and streamline the student experiences