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Getting to the Databases

Finding the UAA Consortium Databases

These directions use Newsbank as the intended database target, but the general process will work for any database

  1. Go to the Kodiak College Website and navigate to the library page by scrolling through the choices in the "academic resources" dropdown menu at the top right or choose the library button at the bottom left.2 arrows pointing to library links on the Kodiak College homepage


2.  Select the UAA Consortium Library from either the dropdown navigation menu on the right side or the quicklink at the bottom left.

2 arrows pointing to 2 links to the UAA Consortium page on the Kodiak College library homepage


3.  Choose the Database link on the Consortium page

arrow pointing to the Databases link on the UAA Consortium Library homepage


4.  Search for the Database you want to use by choosing to browse alphabetically or entering the name of the database in the search field at the top right of the page            

2 arrows 1 pointing to database search field on the database page of the UAA Consortium Library website and one pointing to the alpabetical listing of databases


5.  Select the link to that database, in this case, Newsbank

3 arrows 1 pointing to the search field with "newsbank" in the field, 1 pointing at the selected "n", and 1 pointing to the Newsbank link on the UAA Consortium Library page


6.  Search the database to find what you are looking for, in this case, news from Alaska

arrow pointing at the "USA-Alaska" link under the Access World News heading on the Newsbank page


7. Choose the newspaper you are interested in 

1 arrow pointing at the Anchorage Daily News: Web Edition Articles (AK) link, and 1 arrow pointing at the Kodiak Daily Mirror (Kodiak, AK) link