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Go2Knowledge is a  training tool available to all Kodiak College employees.

This professional development software allows you to participate in live webinars as well as watch recorded training videos. 

 Live webinars include training on subjects such as institutional effectiveness, student success, and technology & online learning among many others.  There is a  comprehensive list of current webinars at Innovative Educators' website.  To sign up for the webinars follow these directions:

  1. Go to the Innovative Educators website
  2. Chose the "Calendar" tab at the top 
  3. Choose the webinar you are interested in 
  4. Choose Go2K from the "Webinar Pricing" menu, then select "Register"
  5. Choose "Check Out"
  6. Enter Kodiak College's discount code in the box on the right side (Please contact Debbi Canavan for the discount code at 907-486-1202 or
  7. Choose "Complete Order" and then you will be signed up for the webinar 

There is also a tutorial demonstrating how to sign up for these training videos

Free training modules are also available to anyone.

The Go2Knowledge website gives you access to a wide array of recorded webinars and training videos.  You will have to create a free account by choosing a username and password and signing in. After that you can watch a tutorial on how to navigate the resources