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In response to the Kodiak community hunker down order, access to the campus is restricted, but all services are still available virtually. Learn more about the University of Alaska's response to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

LASSI: Learning and Study Strategies Inventory

The Learning And Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) is a self-assessment that shows how a student views her or himself as a strategic learner.  This is 10 scale, 60 item assessment that looks at the three components of strategic learning: skill, will, and self-regulation.

  • Skill - information processing, selecting main ideas and testing strategies
  • Will - attitude, motivation and anxiety
  • Self-Regulation - concentration, time management, self-testing and using academic resources

Academic advisors at Kodiak College use the LASSI to improve the quality of advising and placement for new students by discussing the how the non-cognitive factors and habits of mind that are measured on relate to success in college.  Students who score lower than desirable on the LASSI will be encouraged to take a college success course, participate in Student Coaching, and/or take advantage of other support services that are available. 

The LASSI is free and it is administered to Kodiak College students when they take the Accuplacer.

Once you have completed the LASSI, contact your academic advisor or Student Services for an appointment to go over your test results.