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Adult Basic Education Helps Kodiak Residents

The Kodiak Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program offers adults the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge for education and employment. It promotes progress toward future personal, career, training, and/or college goals. In addition, ABE increases self-image and self-direction for persons seeking self-improvement.

Kodiak ABE is part of a larger Statewide ABE network that provides instruction in basic academic skills, including English Literacy, and General Education Development (GED) preparation for adult learners in order to prepare them for transitioning into the labor market or higher academic or vocational training. Our program:

  • Assists adult learners in transitioning from adult basic education into jobs, higher education, or vocational training
  • Provides workshops which include Math Intensives geared for the GED, English for the Health Care Workplace, Alaska Career Information System
  • Provides individual tutoring and special classes for adult learners
  • Administers pre- and post-assessments to determine the reading and math levels of adult learners for our program as well as for Alaska programs such as AVTEC.
  • Assists adult learners with finding supportive services such as transportation, beneficiary, and childcare resources.

The performance measures for our Kodiak ABE program outlined in the Workforce Investment Act, Title II, Adult Basic Education and Family Literacy include adult learners who show measurable gains in the following:

  • Getting a job or advancing in a job
  • Entering higher education or vocational training
  • Completing an educational level
  • Passing the GED test

In FY17 and FY16 Kodiak ABE served the Kodiak Island Borough with about 75 part-time students per year ​and between 50 - 60 full-time students​ each fiscal year​, averaged to over 3000 instruction/supervised study hours for ​each ​​academic year. We try to extend our resources for maximum use and impact to the Kodiak community.

Natasha Pristas with student at a computer in the Adult Basic Education Center

We regularly hold small group and individual sessions in applied math classes, math intensives, pre-GED and GED social studies, pre-GED and GED science, pre-GED and GED reasoning through language arts, advanced reading, large group beginning and intermediate English, English for citizenship, and new classes for English for the Health Care Workplace meeting the growing needs of the community. We use a distance program and materials via email or mail to more remote sites and villages.

Kodiak ABE and the larger statewide ABE network is headed by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development and we partner with local agencies and employers to promote workforce development, improve employment opportunities, and provide a network of support for all of Kodiak Island. We provide workforce development for the:

  • Fisheries support sector
  • Kodiak Area Native Association (KANA)
  • Military and military spouses
  • Local housing agencies
  • Healthcare fields and industry
  • Educational systems island-wide 
  • Childcare sector