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Benny Benson Memorabilia Displayed at KOC

On Nov. 20, the Alutiiq Studies Program at Kodiak College hosted a reception and revealed a commemorative display of Benny Benson memorabilia.

Libby Eufemio and Betty Walters in front of a Benny Benson Memorabilia Collection

The memorabilia included a clock which hung in the family home of Benny Benson, who at the age of 13, entered and won a contest to design a flag for the Territory of Alaska. It was awarded to Mr. Benson by the Kodiak Centennial Committee, in appreciation of his design of the state flag. The clock's inscribed plaque reads;gold clock in a wooden frame

 “Benny Benson 
Presented by
Kodiak Centennial Committee
In Sincere Appreciation for Your
Design of the Most Beautiful
Of All State Flags”


The clock was donated to Kodiak College by Vickie Era, whose mother Anna Benson married Benny in 1970.  Vickie remembers the clock hanging in her mother and stepfather’s apartment.

An informational sign was also donated to Kodiak College by the Kodiak Historical Society, featuring photographic reproductions of Mr. Benson from the Baranov Museum’s collection.

 informational sign and pictures in a frame hanging on a wall

Kodiak College, located on Benny Benson Drive, holds Mr. Benson in high regard and is proud to recognize his memory with this new display in the Alutiiq Studies Room.