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SOC 201 is a 3-credit Social Science GER

Tuesdays January15-April 30
7:00-9:45 PM
Instructor: Thia Falcone, BSW, MA

The purpose of this course is to give students the ability to critically understand and evaluate the most serious social problems facing communities in the 21st century. By using a combination of critical evaluation, creative problem-solving, and direct social action, students will design a service project to address and ameliorate the problem of poverty in our own community.

Some problem topics include: Some course content topics include:
Family violence Critical thinking and evaluation
Sexual Assault Basic research skills
Poverty The sociology of deviance
Addictions, mental illness, and co-occurring disorders The difference between social problems and personal problems
Property crimes Collaboration and consensus-building
  • A 3-credit Social Science GER (can be applied toward Associate of Arts General Ed degree
  • A Carnegie-designated Service-Learning course
  • Selected readings (free from the UAA Consortium Library) replace a traditional text 
  • There are no tests or formal research papers. Instead students plan and perform a service project of their design aimed toward the problem of poverty in Kodiak.

For more information call Thia Falcone at 486-1213