Munartet Project at Kodiak College

Welcome to the Munartet Project

The purpose of the Munartet Project is to increase the number and tenure of confident, competent K-12 generalist and specialist teachers of the arts in Alaska through partnership with the Kodiak Island Borough School District, Kodiak College, Kodiak Arts Council and Alutiiq Museum. Specific strategies support pre-service and early career professional development in arts discipline-based, arts integration and culturally responsive arts teaching methodologies for pre-service and new teachers. Munartet is an Alutiiq word which means “artists,” and this project aspires to bring out the artist within each teacher to teach in and through the arts and culture in Kodiak.

For information about the Munartet Project, or how to become a certified teacher on Kodiak Island, please contact

Kitty Deal
Associate Professor, Education
Kodiak College/University of Alaska Anchorage 
(907) 486-1223

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