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AAS, Technology Welding Emphasis

The Associate of Applied Science, Technology degree program is designed to provide entry-level skills, continuing education, and advanced technical skills in several specialized fields including Welding, Construction, and Occupational Safety.

person sawing metal in a welding shop

For more information and advising, contact Lorraine Stewart at 907-486-1209.


person stick welding

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand, describe, and analyze the physical components found in technical systems.
  • Understand and apply safety practices.
  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of science, math, and computers in technical fields.
  • Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills required in today's metal fabrication and structural welding environments.
  • Demonstrate applications of specifications and welding procedures to specific job tasks.
  • Demonstrate safe work habits by assessing hazards and using best practices to avoid exposure to risk of injury, and to avoid damaging equipment.

General Requirements:

Oral Communications GER (3CR) Select one of the following:

  • COMM A111     Methods of Oral Communication
  • COMM A235     Small Group Communication
  • COMM A237     Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM A241     Public Speaking

Written Communications GER (6CR)

  • ENGL A111       Methods of Written Communication
  • ENGL A212       Technical Writing

Mathematics GER (3CR)

  • MATH A105       Intermediate Algebra

Natural Sciences GER (4CR) Select one of the following:

  • CHEM A103/L   Survey of Chemistry with Lab
  • CHEM A105/L   General Chemistry with Lab
  • GEOL A111        Physical Geology
  • PHYS A123/L    Basic Physics I with Lab

Technology Core Requirements

  • AET A101          Fundamentals to CADD for Building Construction
  • CIS A105           Introduction to Personal Computers and Software Applications
  • ET A151            Basic Electricity for the Trades
  • HUMS A153     Human Relations or HUMS A155 Human Relations in the Workplace
  • OSH A101         Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health
  • OSH A250         Hazardous Material Operations
  • TECH A101       Introduction to Technological Principles

Welding Emphasis Requirements

  • WELD A112       Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • WELD A114       Welding of High Strength Steel
  • WELD A157       Technical Drawing for Welders
  • WELD A161       Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • WELD A190       Selected Topics in Welding
  • TECH A295        Technical Internship


Use hand-welding, flame-cutting or brazing equipment to weld metal components or fill holes or seams of fabricated metal products safely and efficiently.

Earning Potential

The average wage of a welder is about $30 per hour.

Job Outlook

Alaska's employment growth is moderate with high employment opportunities.

Person in welding gear cleaning metal

The purpose of this degree emphasis is to produce capable graduates who can perform safely and efficiently in a welding environment.