College Preparatory & Developmental Studies (CPDS)

Mission: To prepare students for college-level courses, academic success, and life-long learning.

work readiness mandala: lifelong learning, Decision-making, Interpersonal, and communication

The College Preparatory & Developmental Studies (CPDS) Program provides reading, writing, mathematics, and college success courses. Our dedicated instructors help students realize their dreams and reach their goals by increasing their academic and critical thinking skills and building self-confidence.

Along with a traditional sequence of course offerings, CPDS provides two highly successful alternatives for Kodiak College students:

  • The SMART Start Program, a 10-week intensive with small class sizes, is offered each Fall. Students in the Program enroll together as a cohort and learning community. Courses include Writing & Reading Strategies (WRTG 090), English Skills Lab (WRTG 092), University Studies (UNIV 150), and the optional full-length Pre-Algebra (MATH 054) course.

  • The Companion Course Program, offered most Fall and Spring semesters, allows qualifying students to enroll in Introduction to College Writing (WRTG 110) and Writing Across Contexts (WRTG 111) in the same semester with the same instructor.

To learn more about which CPDS programs are right for you, stop by Student Services, located on the ground floor of the Campus Center Building, Room 103, or call (907) 486-1266.