Resources for Coaches

Natasha with student 

Common Student Concerns

The students you coach will have questions about a variety of issues ranging from course requirements to how to talk to faculty to how to manage their time more effectively.  Refer to the Information and Resources for Students page as needed for answers to common questions about educational technology, campus resources, and student success tools.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence could be defined as understanding emotions as they occur, responding to those emotions appropriately, and using those emotions effectively.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a valuable skill for coaches and students to develop.  An Innovative Educators webinar "Emotional Intelligence and the College Coach Approach" by Lisa Decandia and Steve Fishman (2012) created a list of questions coaches can use to model EI and enhance the coaching process.  

Effective Coaching Questions

Ongoing Professional Development

Innovative Educators (IE) offers many webinars of interest for student coaches about how to work effectively with students and support their success.  Kodiak College has purchased access to all of the IE webinars for the 2017-2018 so plan to use this valuable resource soon.  You may contact Debbi Canavan at (907) 486-1202 or for information on how to access these trainings.