Access to the Kodiak College Campus is Restricted

In response to the Kodiak community hunker down order, access to the campus is restricted, but all services are still available virtually. Learn more about the University of Alaska's response to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Basic Communication Tips


  • Oral Communication
    • Make eye contact
    • Use appropriate gestures and body language
    • Be consistent in your words, gestures, facial expressions, and tone
    • Enunciate
    • Pronounce your words correctly
    • Slow down
    • Do not interrupt when people respond
    • Develop effective listening skills to fully engage in conversation
  • Written Communication
    • Keep it simple
    • Use specific words rather than general language
    • Use short paragraphs to break up messages and increase readability
    • Read messages out loud to yourself before sending
    • Maintain a positive tone by replacing negative words with positive ones
  • All Communication
    • Use the right words - ensure you have the appropriate meaning
    • Be honest, patient, sincere, and respectful
    • Ask questions of your audience
    • Get feedback from your audience