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What we do

We provide quality educational experiences in support of students.  Many of the students in our classes are interested in Nursing, Allied Health, Education and Liberal Arts programs at Kodiak College and the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Our Mission

We assist students in observing physical and medical phenomena and interpreting what they observe from a variety of perspectives, including personal, social, historical, and ethical.

The department also plays a role in guiding our students of diverse, multicultural backgrounds to acquire knowledge and critical thinking skills empowering them to pursue higher education degrees in science and allied health fields.


 Photos and videos of students in science classes at Kodiak College.

 Dr. Trussell at Potato Patch Lake with students

Support for Students

Please contact Cindy Trussell 907-486-1224 if you are interested in more information about Kodiak College and the Natural Sciences.