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Welcome to Kodiak College Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services (DSS) coordinates the support services for UAA students who experience disabilities, as well as provides resources for the university and community.  Providing equal opportunities for students who experience disabilities is a campus-wide responsibility and commitment.  For more information about the services provided at UAA please visit the UAA Disability Support Services page.

UAA Disability Support Services

Accessibility Statements for technologies used at Kodiak College

Students requesting accommodations should contact one of the disability support services liaisons at Kodiak College:

Barbara Brown at or (907) 486-1211 or

Jennifer Pedersen at or (907) 486-1235

Students transitioning from high school to Kodiak College:

Adaptive Software

Premier Literacy Productivity Pack is useful tool available for all students and can be accessed using the following username and password:

Username: uaanchorage
Password: access

Disability Support Services encourages the use of these programs and can provide training and support for those interested in learning more.

Introductory Video for Premier Literacy Software 

Download Premier Literacy Productivity Pack