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This form must be completed if:

  • You add/drop any courses at any time during the semester or,
  • You change your major or
  • You change the type of VA benefits you are utilizing.

Please submit this form:

  • The same day you add or drop courses. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in a delay of benefits
  • After your change of major or declaration of a minor has been processed. Please check UAOnline to be sure the change has been processed before submitting this form
  • After you have completed the VONAPP changing the type of VA Education benefit you will be utilizing.
  • Changes that involve adding coursework must be reflected on your DegreeWorks plan (see your program advisor to make changes to this plan).

Things you should know about changes:

The VA Report of Change form is a tool for students to notify the VA School Certifying Officials about changes. Students must first complete appropriate forms and processes as described below:

Added Course(s)
• You must add courses using UAOnline or by using the Add/Drop form.
• Only courses that satisfy requirements outlined by the curriculum in a student’s catalog year can be certified. This includes prerequisite courses and remedial courses that are required prior to entering required courses.
• Registration changes must be reflected in your DegreeWorks plan created with your program advisor.

Dropped course(s):
• You must drop courses using UAOnline or by using the Online Drop form.
• If you drop course(s) after the add/drop period you will create a debt with the VA.

Change of Major:
• You must complete the Change of Major process. Please turn in your completed Change or Major form to Student Services in the Campus Center. Contact the Registrar at (907) 486-1235 for more information.
• If you change your major during a term, your certification will be reevaluated and any coursework not applicable to your new major will become a debt you owe the VA.

Changing the type of VA education benefit you are using:
• You must complete the VONAPP with the VA to change the type of VA education benefit you are using.
• Once you have done this, please provide a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility or verification of the new benefit eligibility.