What is JumpStart?

A College Success Program!

Who is Eligible?
First-Time Freshmen –Fall semesters only (up to 6 credits)
High School Students—Juniors & Seniors (up to 6 credits)

What is the cost?
$100 per credit for tuition + all course fees and materials

Program Details:
The JumpStart tuition rate will be applied to Kodiak campus courses only. Face-to-face instruction method preferred, but students can receive the reduced rate for eLearning courses if they complete the Smarter Measure assessment.

Program is contingent on KIB funding.

How to qualify

High School Students:
  Submit a Student/Parent Agreement
  Take the placement test for writing and math
  Meet with an Academic Advisor
  Register for classes
  Attend New Student Orientation
  Submit an Application for JumpStart Tuition Rate

First-Time Freshmen:
   Apply for admission to a Kodiak College degree or certificate program
   Take the placement test for writing and math
   See an advisor for:
        Financial Aid
   Attend New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is on Wednesday, August 21 at 6pm

Benny Benson Building, Room 128-130