Title III Grants

Kodiak College has received three Title III grants over the past 20 years. 

The first strengthening institutions Title III Grant was awarded to Kodiak College in 2001. It focused on growing enrollment through better data collection, faculty and staff professional development, and the implementation of learning communities and linked courses. 

The second Title III Grant was awarded in 2010 and titled, "Sea Change: Growing Enrollment with Real-World, Real-Time, Student-Centered Distance Education. We developed island/coastal-themed distance education courses. We ensured quality design of the courses by implementing Quality Matters. This grant helped us emphasize direct interaction between faculty and students through cutting-edge learning resources and technology infrastructure such as VoiceThread, Echo360, video cameras, high quality microphones. It was also part of the grant to ensure that students had access to quality distance academic and student support services with a new website and online tutoring .

The most recent Title III grant, Alutiiq Studies and Student Support Project, was awarded in 2011. It created an Alutiiq Studies academic program, and developed classes and an OEC in Alutiiq Language, redesigned meeting spaces to reflect diversity, including culturally appropriate signage and art, and implemented Native student advocacy.