eLearning Preparation Checklist

Before registering for an online course, check to see if you have the technical requirements needed. 

After you have registered for an eLearning course, you should follow these instructions to prepare for the first day of class: 

  1. Order your textbooks from the campus where the class originates.  Textbooks can take up to two weeks to arrive, so plan ahead! 
  2. Make sure you can log into the Blackboard site the course will be using. 
  3. Make sure you can access your student email account since that is how your instructors will be communicating with you.
  4. If you need assistance with Blackboard or email access, please contact the UAA IT Call Center at 1-877-633-3888.
  5. If you need to take proctored exams on the Kodiak College campus, contact the Test Center  in advance of your first proctored test.
  6. If your class requires RPNow remote proctoring, familiarize yourself with the RPNow platform in advance of your first proctored assignment