COVID-19 Information

Kodiak College continues to function primarily via alternate course delivery, remote work, and controlled access to campus facilities. Campus services are available virtually and face-to-face by appointment. Please contact us if you have any questions. Learn more about UAA's COVID-19 response. Check on current eligibility for the vaccine.

Giving at Kodiak College

There are two ways to give!

You can either make a gift to Kodiak College through the UA Foundation's secure server  or you can support Kodiak College during the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Pick. Click. Give. campaign each year from January 1st through August 31st.

Support Kodiak College through the UA Foundation's secure server

  1. Use the button below to navigate to the UA Foundation secure server
  2. Enter your gift amount.
  3. Choose a designation.
  4. Fill out the address and payment information
  5. You will receive a receipt from the UA Foundation for your tax records.

  Give Now

Support Kodiak College with a portion of your PFD.

  1. Use the button below to navigate to the Pick. Click. Give. website
  2. Follow their steps for how to Pick. Click. Give.
  3. Our name in the system is University of Alaska Anchorage Kodiak College.
  4. Add pledge. Choose amount.
  5. Thank you for donating!

  Pick. Click. Give.