Placement Information

Placement Tests

Placement testing is designed to give students and advisors information that will be useful for ensuring that students take the correct college courses. Kodiak College staff and faculty consider multiple measures to place students including cognitive assessments, which measure skills in reading, writing, and math.  We also consider other factors, like high school courses taken and high school GPA, and students' attitudes towards math and writing.   Most new students and some returning students will need to take one or more placement tests before they register for classes. The placement tests used to assess a student’s skills are the ACCUPLACER for reading and writing and the ALEKS for math.

Does every student have to take a placement test?

No and some students may only need a writing or a math placement test.  To help advisors determine what tests, if any, are needed, students start the placement process by taking the Kodiak College Course Matching Survey.  The survey is free and your advisor will review the results when you are done.

Course Matching Survey

To start the placement process, take the Kodiak College Course Matching Survey.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN you will need:
  • Your high school GPA (or average or usual grades)
  • Your UA Student ID #
  • If you have taken them, your scores on the ACT, SAT, or AP Exams in Language and Composition, Calculus or Statistics.
  • If you have taken them, your scores on the Accuplacer placement test for writing and the ALEKS placement test for math.
  • 15-20 minutes to complete the survey.
If you have questions about this survey or why you are taking it, please contact Student Services at 907-486-1266 or