How to Register

Registration at Kodiak College is accomplished through a very similar process to registering at the University of Alaska Anchorage


To be eligible to register a student must:

To apply, new non-degree seeking students should:

  • Go to UAOnline and select "Non-Degree-Seeking Student" under Future Students
  • Select "Enter" under UAA
  • Select the red "New Student" link under Section 2 or the blue "First Time User Account Creation" link located near the bottom of the page to create login ID and password.
  • Choose a campus
  • Choose your student type. Select "Secondary School" if in high school.
  • Select the admission term and fill out the application. Each section must have a check mark before submission. For additional time to complete the application, select Finish Later and return another time. Incomplete applications will be deleted after three days.

Please allow 1-2 business days for applications to be processed. Next, search for UA credentials (UA ID number and username) and set a password at the UA Easy Login Maintenance Option (ELMO) site using option 3. 

Before registering for classes, secondary students must submit a Secondary Student Registration Form. UA ID number is required on this form. Submit the completed form to or in person at Student Services

For additional information, please see the Secondary Student Enrollment Policy or contact Student Services.

How to Register

Priority Registration

For fall and spring semesters, UAA follows a staggered priority registration schedule based on student class standing. Class standing is determined by total completed and in-progress UAA credits. In-progress credit is credit for which a student is enrolled during the current semester. For example, UAA in-progress fall credits would count toward UAA priority registration for the following spring semester.

UAS or UAF credits count toward UAA priority registration only if they are transferred to UAA.

To check class standing, log in to UAOnline, go to the Students Services and Account Information tab and click on the "Check Your Registration Eligibility" link in the Registration menu.

Registration opens online at 12:00 a.m. on the priority registration day for each student type.

Online Registration
All online registration is completed through UAOnline. The UAOnline site is used to access student records, registration activity and other account information. New users of university online resources can claim their credentials at All current and former students of the University of Alaska system have a UAOnline account.

Registration remains open 24/7 until the close of registration. Telephone assistance is available during regular business hours at (907) 486-1266

Step-by Step Registration

  • Step by Step Instructions
    1. Go to UAOnline and click the "Log In" link.
    2. Enter UA username and password (the same credentials for Blackboard or UAA e-mail). Current students who are already using university online resources, such as e-mail and Blackboard, do not need to reactivate their account. New users of online university resources can claim their credentials at
      For assistance contact the UAA Call Center 1-877-633-3888 or e-mail
    3. Once in the secured area, select the "Student Services and Account Information" tab, then click on "Registration."
    4. In the Registration menu, choose "Alternate Class Search." On the Class Search page,
      1. Choose the semester.
      2. choose "UAA - Kodiak."
      3. Select the type of course delivery (on campus, online, etc.)
      4. Select one or multiple subjects from the Subject menu or enter a keyword in the Keyword Search field.
      5. Click "Course Search."
      6. For more search options, click on the "Advanced Search" button near the top of the page.
    5. On the search results page there will be a list of classes. Each class will have course reference number (CRN), campus, credit hours, meeting days and times, and other information. Click on the CRN for any class to see additional class information, such as prerequisites and corequisites, instructional delivery methods, and special notes.
    6. Once the appropriate course has been found, return to the search results page, click the check box next to the CRN and hit the "Add to Worksheet" button at the bottom of the page. The browser will navigate to the Register/Add/Drop page.
    7. The selected CRN will display on the Register/Add/Drop page. If the CRN is correct, click "Complete Registration Changes" to enroll in the class. To search for more classes, click on "Class Search."

    Registration shortcut: Classes may be added by CRN directly from the Register/Add/Drop page. Find the Registration menu, click "Register/Add/Drop," enter the CRN(s) and click the "Complete Registration Changes" button.

  • Common Registration Errors
    • Closed section: Registration is closed because the class is full. If the class has wait-list seats available, it is possible to get on the wait-list. See the wait-list instructions below.
    • Corequisite required: Register for both corequisite classes at the same time. Go to the Register/Add/Drop page, enter the CRNs for both of the required courses and hit "Complete Registration Changes."
    • Department approval: Registration is limited to students who have departmental approval. Contact the department to request an override.
    • Duplicate CRN: Already registered for another section of the course. In most cases, simultaneous registration in two or more sections of the same course is not allowed. If the course is approved for multiple registrations, contact the department to request an override.
    • Instructor approval: Registration is restricted to students who have instructor approval. Contact the instructor to request an override.
    • Level restriction: Registration is restricted to students in a particular level (for example, graduate). Click on the CRN to see level restriction information.
    • Maximum hours exceeded: Registration in the class will exceed the maximum number of credits allowed for the semester. 
    • Prerequisite not met: Registration is limited to students who have met prerequisite and/or test score restrictions. Check the CRN to see prerequisite and test score information. Contact the department with questions.
    • Registration changes not allowed: The registration period for the class has not yet opened or has passed.
    • Registration hold: Registration holds block registration until the hold is removed by the initiating office. Registration holds may result from:
      • Unpaid tuition and fees and/or outstanding balances on the student account (e.g., fines, course fees) contact Villaflor Krupp at (907) 486-1217
      • UAA is part of a statewide system. Therefore, a hold at one University of Alaska campus will affect registration at all UA campuses.


Changing Registration

After finalizing registration, changes may be made during certain periods. Consult Registration Dates and Deadlines for specific periods.

  • Audit-to-Credit or Credit-to-Audit
  • Drop
  • Variable Credit Classes
  • Withdraw
Officially drop or withdraw by the published deadlines if unable to complete a course. Failure to do so may result in a grade of F or NB for nonattendance and may affect financial aid and grade point average (GPA). Classes must be dropped within the 100 percent refund period to avoid tuition assessment. Students may withdraw from classes after the 100 percent refund period. Students cannot withdraw from a class that has been graded.

Audit-to-Credit or Credit-to-Audit

Students who audit courses are required to meet the course prerequisites/restrictions, register by the deadlines, and pay the same tuition as those who take the course for credit. No credit is received for audited courses. Audit registrations are on a space-available basis. Auditors may be dropped from a class to make room for credit-seeking students. Requirements for auditing the course are determined by faculty. Faculty may withdraw auditors if they fail to comply with the agreed-upon terms.

Audited courses are not included in the computation of study load for full-time or part-time status. In addition, students may not request local credit-by-examination for an audited course until the following academic year.

Students who want to audit a course can choose that grade mode option in the UAOnline Register/Add/Drop page when registering for a course or they may fill out the bottom section on the Add/Drop Form before the credit-to-audit deadline. Check Registration Dates and Deadlines for more information.


Before the semester add/drop deadline, students can drop classes

Full-Semester Classes

A 100% refund of tuition and fees is automatically processed when official drop activity is completed before the add/drop deadline. No refund is issued after the deadline.

Classes with Irregular Dates

Students may drop classes with irregular dates during the 100% refund period, which ends at 5pm five business days after the published class start day. No refund is issued after this period.

Variable Credit Classes

Variable credit courses may be taken for a variable number of credits with prior approval from the faculty member. Common examples include thesis, practicum, project, and research courses. Workload and tuition depend on the number of credits selected.

Students can adjust the number of credits selected for a registered course in UAOnline up until the add/drop deadline by selecting Change Class Options and entering the desired number of credits in the credit hours field. After that deadline, students must submit a paper add/drop form signed by the instructor to the Office of the Registrar and should do so before the end of the semester.


After the add/drop deadline, students may withdraw from classes up until the semester withdrawal deadline as long as no grade has been assigned for the class.

Students may withdraw from full-semester classes using the drop procedures listed above. After the semester add/drop deadline, dropping or withdrawing from classes with irregular dates is not allowed via UAOnline. Students may submit an Add/Drop Form or use the online Student-Initiated Drop Form. Courses that have been graded are not eligible for withdrawal.

Withdrawing from any class will produce a designation of W for that class on the student's transcript. This designation does not carry grade points and is not used in calculation of GPAs. Students are responsible for all fees and tuition if they choose to withdraw from any course, and financial aid could be affected.


The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available online. The report contains information regarding campus safety and security including topics such as: campus law enforcement authority; crime reporting policies; campus alerts (Timely Warnings and Emergency Notifications); fire safety policies and procedures; programs to prevent dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking; the procedures the University will follow when one of these crimes is reported; and other matters of importance related to security on campus. The report also contains information about crime statistics for the three most recent calendar years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus; in On-Campus Student Housing Facilities; in Noncampus buildings or property owned or controlled by the University or a recognized student organization; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campus.  The report also contains fire statistics for any fires occurring in an On-Campus Student Housing Facility during the three most recent calendar years.  If you would like to receive a paper copy of the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, you can stop by the UAA Police Department Office at Room 114 of Eugene Short Hall on the Anchorage campus or request a copy be mailed to you by calling 907-786-1120 or emailing  You may also stop by the UAA Dean of Students Office in Room 122 of Rasmuson Hall on the Anchorage campus or request a copy be mailed to you by calling 907-786-1214 or emailing