Secondary (High School) Student Registration Process

To get ready to register for Kodiak College classes, high school students should:

1. Review the UAA Secondary Student Enrollment Policy before starting the registration process for high school students.

2. Submit the Kodiak College High School Student Entry Form to notify the Kodiak College staff that you are interested in talking about how to earn college while still in high school.  The Academic Counselor will contact you by phone or email to discuss the academic goals and needs of the student.  You will also learn if placement testing is required or recommended for the student.

3. Create a student account or update your student account by filling out a Secondary Student Application for UAA. This will allow students to log into their student account in UAOnline to register for classes online.  Applications are processed once each business day so plan accordingly.

4. Make sure you can log into your student account in UAOnline.  If you have any trouble logging into your student account, contact the UAA Technical Support Center at 877-633-3888 (option 1) for assistance.

5. If required, take the ALEKS math placement test at home using a remote proctor or by scheduling a time to take the test at the Kodiak College Test Center.

6. If required, schedule and complete an Accuplacer reading and writing placement test at the Kodiak College Test Center or remotely through the UAA Testing Center.

7. After completing the required placement testing, contact the Academic Counselor, Barbara Brown at or 486-1211 to set up a time to discuss the placement results and course options.


8. Review the Kodiak College Course Schedule by logging into UAOnline and selecting the following menu items: Student Services & Account Information/Registration/Alternate Class Search.  If you choose the parameters below, you can browse the full Kodiak College class list for the current semester.

Search by Term: Fall Semester 2023 (or current semester)
Campus: UAA - Kodiak
Keyword Search: (leave blank)
Type of Course Delivery: (leave default setting at All Courses - any type of course delivery)
Subject: All Subjects

Click on Class Search to review the class schedule

9. Submit a Secondary Student Parent/Guardian Authorization form available at the UAA Office of the Registrar page under the Registration menu. 

10. Students who want their parent or guardian to have access to their student account after registration will need to submit an Authorization to Release Education Record Information form available on the UAA Office of the Registrar page under the Registration menu. The completed form should be emailed to with a picture of the student photo ID which is required for processing.

11. Register for Classes in UAOnline

12. Students who would like to qualify for the JumpStart tuition subsidy need to attend New Student Orientation on the Wednesday evening before the semester begins (see Academic Dates and Deadlines for date and time) or complete the New Student Online Orientation before the semester begins.

13. Submit the JumpStart Tuition Application each semester you are taking classes at Kodiak College.

 Contact Student Services at (907) 486-1266 or with your questions about this process.