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Advisory Council

Role of the Kodiak College Advisory Council

Serve as advocates for the College within the community

As active members of the communities we serve, you will find yourselves in situations where you can respond to comments or questions about the college and the services we provide and promote our offerings to the public. You may also become aware of needs within the community for workshops, courses, programs, or specific training that we do not currently provide. You can either bring that information to the Director or direct the individual, business, or organization to the appropriate person at the college. In all cases, you can help to increase the College’s visibility and viability.

Serve as advocates for the College & University with state and local government

We are heavily dependent on state funding, and anticipate needing increases in Borough and State funding to support campus initiatives. Any opportunity you have to influence legislators, assembly and/or council members on behalf of the College and the University will encourage them to support our budget requests.

Function as a review board and sounding board

You will have an opportunity to review new programs and major changes or deletions to existing programs in the context of community needs and appropriateness of content relative to skills needed by business and industry. You will also serve as a sounding board for the administration on issues of policy and procedure (e.g., tuition increases, facilities planning) affecting students, employees, and relations with other branches of the University.

Solicit new members for the Council as terms expire

The Council is set up to have rotating terms so that the interests of the many and diverse groups in our community can be represented. You will be asked to solicit nominations and/or applications for membership on the Council as terms expire and to select a list of nominees to send forward for the Chancellor’s approval.

6 of the current Kodiak college advisory board members as of February 2020

From left to right: Pam Foreman, Linda Lance, Duncan Fields, Dan Ogg, Ginny Shank, and James Turner (not pictured: Tyler Kornelis, Sarah Phillips, and Captain Bryan Daily)

Current Kodiak College Advisory Council Members

Council Member Term Expires June 30 Contact
Linda Lance, Chair
Coordinator for Educational Development,
Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center
Tyler Kornelis, Vice Chair
Economic Development Project Manager at Kodiak Area Native Association
Captain Bryan Daily 
Commanding Officer, USCG  
Air Station Kodiak
Pam Foreman
Kodiak Public Broadcasting Corporation
Ginny Shank
Staff trainer & marketing for Eyecare Excellence
James Turner
Kodiak Island Borough
Duncan Fields
KIBSD Board of Education
Dan Ogg
Magistrate / Commercial Fisherman
Sarah Phillips
Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce
Student Representative of Kodiak High School Vacant  

Kodiak College Representatives

Jacelyn Keys, M. Ed., MA, Director Kodiak College, UAA

Bobbie Ivanoff, Executive Secretary to the Council

Read or Download the Kodiak College Advisory Council Bylaws

Letter of Interest


Send us a letter of Interest if you're interested in joining the Advisory Council. 

For more information please contact Kodiak College at 486-1215.