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VA Assistance

 Welcome to Kodiak College and thank you for your service!


The following steps must be completed the first semester you begin using your VA education benefits at Kodiak College:

  1. Apply for your benefits through the VA and confirm your eligibility.
  2. Apply for admission to a Kodiak College degree or certificate program.
  3. Meet with your program advisor to ensure course applicability to your program and have your semester course selections documented by your advisor in a DegreeWorks plan. NO DEGREE PLAN, NO CERTIFICATION.
  4. Register for classes on UAOnlineView the Priority Registration dates.
  5. Submit your Request to Begin Using Benefits.
  6. If you make a change after registering you must submit a Report of Change form.


The following steps must be completed each semester that you wish to use your VA education benefits:

  1. Meet with your program advisor to ensure course applicability to your program and have your semester course selections documented by your advisor in a DegreeWorks plan. NO DEGREE PLAN, NO CERTIFICATION.
  2. Register for classes using UAOnline.
  3. Submit your Request for Certification. 

2020/2021 DATES & DEADLINES (to start process early with VA and to avoid late fees)

11/22/2020:        Deadline for Spring 2021 certification requests 

04/17/2021:    Priority deadline for Summer 2021 certification requests

09/21/2021:       Priority deadline for Fall 2021 certification requests

  Request for Certification

Submit this form after you have met with your advisor, registered for classes and created a plan in DegreeWorks that includes your selected courses.  This form must be submitted every semester that you wish to have your classes certified with the VA.

  Report of Change

Submit this form if you change your major or make a change to your registration after you have submitted your initial Request for Certification. Course changes must be reflected in your DegreeWorks plan (you must first see your advisor to update your plan).


We recommend all students—including veterans—fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine if they qualify for additional funds for school.

FAFSA: What You Need

  • Social Security and driver license numbers
  • Tax records for you and your spouse (if applicable)
  • Documentation of your VA benefits and any workers compensation or child support received
  • Personal financial records, including recent bank statements and investment information
  • Most recent pay (if you're no longer active duty)
  • VA disability pay and non-educational VA benefits (as untaxed income)
  • Combat pay (if it was taxable and part of your adjusted gross income on your last tax return)

Military Scholarships

Opportunities for Veterans at Kodiak College students. You may be eligible for local, state, and  scholarships as well as  veteran-specific scholarships offered by organizations. Follow the Kodiak Island Scholarship Fair website to search for the scholarship list. 

Kodiak Island Scholarship Fair



Nancy Castro
907.486.1214 Phone
907.486.1264 Fax 


Education Line: 1-888-442-4551
Monthly Verification of Attendance: 1-877-823-2378
Direct Deposit: 1-888-442-4551
Other VA Benefits: 1-800-827-1000

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