Credit/Debit Card Payment Acceptance

The University of Alaska has adopted a Service Fee model for credit/debit card payments made to student accounts. Credit/debit card payments will be accepted online via UAOnline (Touchnet) or Tuition Management Systems (TMS) websites. These portals are a secure and convenient method to pay your account, which we encourage you to continue to use.

The service fee will only apply to credit/debit card transactions. Cash, check, web check, and money orders will still be accepted in the Kodiak College Business Office free of additional fees. Please visit the Business Office for assistance making online payments.

Questions? Please visit our FAQ's page.

Payment Options

Payment is due within seven calendar days of the start of any classes.

Cash and Check

Payment may be made by cash, check, or postal money orders in person. Checks must be preprinted with current name, address, and phone number. A $30 return check fee will be charged on all checks returned for insufficient funds. 

Payments can be made through one of the following methods:

In Person: Stop by the Business Office in the Benny Benson Building on the Kodiak College campus Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to pay by cash, check, financial aid deferment, and EZ Payment Plan.

By Mail: To pay by check, send tuition bill and payment to Kodiak College Business Office, 117 Benny Benson Drive, Kodiak, AK 99615

Credit Card

Payments can be made online, following the steps on UAOnline or Tuition Management System to make payment with a credit card.

EZ Payment Plan

The EZ Payment Plan allows Kodiak College students who have a good credit record in the UA system and in Kodiak classes to finance tuition and fees at zero percent interest by:

  • putting one-third down at the time of registration
  • paying one-third 30 days into the semester, and 
  • paying the final balance of their account 60 days into the semester or by semester end, whichever comes first. 

There is a processing fee of $25.00 for the initial contract. Forms for the EZ Tuition Payment Plan are available in the Business Office at Kodiak College (907) 486-1217 or (907) 486-1216. 

Students taking courses with other UA campuses will need to use the TMS payment plan option. 

Payments by Other Agencies

When tuition and fees are to be paid by other persons or agencies after the registration process is completed, the student should coordinate the payment arrangement with the Business Office.

Failure to Meet Financial Obligations

University policy requires a hold to be placed on all student records if you fail to meet your financial obligations. This hold will prevent enrollment, transcript or graduation activity. Past due accounts may be turned over to a collection agency. Interest, late fees or collection costs may be added to the account, and the debt may be reported to credit bureaus.

Collections will then process past due accounts for PFD garnishment. Once accounts go into process they cannot be pulled out and the student's PFD will be garnished.


Refunds will be processed within 10 business days after a class has been dropped. Learn more about the refund process.

IRS 1098-T Form

The IRS 1098-T, tuition statement, reports qualified tuition and related expenses reportable by an eligible educational institution. Education tax credits may be available to you if you are paying education costs for yourself or a student who is a member of your immediate family. Form 1098-T enables you to determine if you qualify for one or more of these education tax credits. Additional instructions are available on the IRS Website

Additional questions? Please refer to 1098-T Frequently Asked Questions.

How to print your 1098-T:

  1. Go to UAOnline
  2. Login to the secure area
  3. Select Student Services, Financial Aid & Account Information
  4. Select Student Account
  5. Select Tax Notification
  6. Enter Tax Year and Submit

Please Note: The 1098-T is based on a single calendar year, Jan. 1 - Dec. 31 of any year and not the academic or aid year.