Get Started

Welcome to Kodiak College!

You probably have a lot of questions about getting started at Kodiak College. You have arrived in the right place 

The three main processes students need to complete to enroll in college are admissions, registration and financial aid. In other words, letting us know: 

  1. The academic or personal goal that has brought you here (admissions),
  2. What classes you are interested in taking (registration), 
  3. How you plan to pay for your classes (financial aid). 

Each of these processes have multiple steps, and we are here to help you as needed.


Wondering which degree or certificate program is right for you? Contact Barbara Brown, Academic Counselor to set up an appointment.

Need information about the cost of college?

Are you a local high school student interested in taking college courses?  Fill out the High School Student Entry Form to make an appointment.

If you know what degree or certificate program you will complete, apply for admission as a degree-seeking student to get started.