Kodiak College Employee Spotlight

Spotlight invites you to learn about Kodiak College employees--who they are, what they're up to when they aren't teaching, how they engage in the community, what favorite books, music, podcasts or shows they recommend, what inspires and motivates them, and what strengths and experience they bring to campus.

Jacelyn Keys

womann posing for a picture in a business attire

Kathrynn Hollis-Buchanan

woman in a knit cowboy style had standing in a field in front of a performance stage

Suzanne Buie

 Sue Buie standing on an urban rooftop with tree covered hills in the background

Kim Saunders

Kim Saunders posing for a selfie on a rocky beachwith the ocean behind her

Cindy Trussell

Cindy Trussell standing behind a tall snowbank

Kathleen Gambling

woman on a boat holding a large halibut

Taten Sheridan

taten sheridan standing in front of Kodiak College

Libby Eufemio

libby eufemio head shot

Jared Griffin

jared griffin

Questa Harper

Questa harper at a desk

Gil Bane 

Gil Bane in doctoral robes

Barb Brown

Barb brown on a rocky beach