Accessibility Services

Welcome to Kodiak College Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services (DSS) coordinates the support services for UAA students who experience disabilities, as well as provides resources for the university and community.  Providing equal opportunities for students who experience disabilities is a campus-wide responsibility and commitment.  For more information about the services provided at UAA please visit the UAA Disability Support Services page.

For more information about the services provided at UAA please visit the UAA Disability Support Services page linked below and/or watch this informative video for an overview of the DSS process.

UAA Disability Support Services

Students requesting accommodations should contact one of the disability support services liaison at Kodiak College:
Barbara Brown at or (907) 486-1211 or

Students transitioning from high school to Kodiak College:

High School Transition

Students transitioning from High School to UAA should make an appointment with DSS, provide current diagnostic and evaluative reports, then request reasonable accommodations that are supported by documentation.

Reasonable accommodations include modifications and adjustments that do not fundamentally alter or lower the standards of an instructional program.

Students may receive reasonable accommodations to “level the playing field” but these accommodations are meant to ensure equal access not to guarantee success.

A university student needs to be their own advocate.

High School students may be used to having parents speak for them. DSS understands this and knows it can be hard to ask for help and to discuss a disability openly. To prepare for attending the university, students must learn to advocate for themselves.

UAA Resources 

Students are highly encouraged to participate in the annual high school transition event coordinated by DSS. Students come onto campus in the spring for a campus tour, pizza lunch, and chance to hear from current UAA students, staff, and faculty. 

Students are also encouraged to complete the New Student Orientation and to enroll in UNIV A150 University Studies, a course. Both of these opportunities strengthen connections to important resources and help students develop the behaviors and habits of mind of successful college students.

Adaptive Software

Premier Literacy Productivity Pack is a useful tool for students. UAA Disability Support Services encourages the use of adaptive software programs and can provide training and support for those interested. For more information, please contact Barbara Brown by calling (907) 486-1211 or sending an email to