Register for "Marine Mosiacs" workshop

Join Kathy Johnson as she teaches how to create marine-themed glass mosaics. Saturday, September 30th, 2-5pm. Materials are included with registration!

 |  Michael Trussell

Cama'i Club Picking Berries and Making Jam

Join the Cama'i Club for berry picking Friday, September 22, 4-5pm and then learn how to turn those berries into jam on Wednesday, September 27, 5-6:30pm.

 |  Michael Trussell

Pickleball is Back! Sign up Now

If you enjoy badminton, tennis, or ping-pong, join Jesse Mickelson for pickleball! Sign up for a 4 class session starting Thursday, September 29.

 |  Michael Trussell

September 18-22, 2023 is Adult Education and Family Literacy Week

To celebrate Adult Education and Family Literacy and the KIB's Proclamation, the Kodiak Regional Adult Education Program will hold an Open House, Wednesday, September 20, from 2:00 - 6:00 pm, in the Campus Center, room 208. All are welcome!

 |  Michael Trussell

Food Pantry Available for Students on Campus

Free food for students available at 3 locations on campus: Campus Center Lobby, Library, and Adult Education

 |  Michael Trussell

Robyn Callahan Honored by UA Board of Regents

Robyn Callahan Awarded the UA "Staff Make Students Count Award" 2023

 |  Michael Trussell

History of Rock & Roll Begins September 11

Humanities 212: The History of Rock & Roll, a ten week short course, accelerated format begins September 11 and ends November 18. Register Now

 |  Michael Trussell

New Student Orientation: August 23, 6PM

New Student Orientation will be held on Wednesday, August 23 from 6-8 PM in Room 130 of the Benny Benson Building.

 |  Michael Trussell

Complete CHEM A103 & A104 in One Semester

CHEM A103 meets the first 8 weeks. CHEM A104 meets the following 8 weeks. Monday - Thursday from 4-5:15 pm, face-to-face and via Zoom.

 |  Cindy Trussell

Classes Start August 28, Register Now

If you haven't registered for fall semester classes, do it now!

 |  Michael Trussell