Student Support

Welcome Students

Adjustment to college can be challenging, and at Kodiak College we recognize that our students have priorities and needs outside of academics. The staff and faculty are here to support you in any way we can, and there are many resources available to you in the Kodiak Community, as well.

 Students studying in the kodiak college Campus Center

The Community Resources page has information on housing, child care, health care, and crisis support.

Students who experience disabling conditions should contact the Disability Support Services liaison if academic accommodations are needed.

Student Coaches check in with students once a week to make sure they are aware of important academic deadlines and policies.  Sign up for Student Coaching today!

Our College Success Programs provide scholarships every semester to students who earn good grades, seek academic advising, and follow a degree plan.  

The Technology Support page has lots of tips on how to succeed in online or eLearning courses.