COVID-19 Information

Kodiak College continues to function primarily via alternate course delivery, remote work, and controlled access to campus facilities. Campus services are available virtually and face-to-face by appointment. Please contact us if you have any questions. Learn more about UAA's COVID-19 response. Check on current eligibility for the vaccine.

Accessibility Statements


Kodiak College adheres to the policies of the Americans with Disabilities Act and ensures that all students have equal access to the campus and course materials.  If you require disability-related assistance, please inform your instructor and Student Services (907)-486-1266 or 1-800-486-7660 and ask for Student Services) so that we may obtain reasonable accommodations for your needs.

Full disclosure statements for technologies used at Kodiak College are linked below.

Software Version and VPAT  Accessibility Statement  Privacy Policy Support
Adobe Creative Suite 6 VPAT  Adobbe Accessibility Adobe Statement  Adobe Support
Adobe Captivate Creative Suite 5 version 5.5 (Adobe no longer supports) Captivate Accessibility Captivate Statement Captivate FAQ's
Adobe Reader   2017 /2017.012 with automatic updates VPAT Reader Accessibility Reader Statement Reader Support
Audacity 2.1.3 with newer versions online VPAT Audacity Accessibility Audacity Statement Audacity FAQ's
Blackboard Collaborate ga9619f5 VPAT Collaborate Accessibility Collaborate Statement Collaborate Support
Blackboard Learn Q2 2017  Learn Accessibility Learn Statement  Learn Support
Camtasia 7.1.1 Camtasia Accessibility Camtasia Statement Camtasia Support
Digication newest version automatically updated VPAT Digication Accessibility Digication Statement Digication Support
Facebook newest version automatically updated Facebook Accessibility Facebook Statement Facebook Support
Google  62.0.3202 with updates available online VPAT Google Accessibility Google Statement Google Support
Jing  2.9.15255.1  with updates available online Jing Accessibility Jing Statement Jing Support
Microsoft Office 2013-2016, Office365 2017 available VPAT Office Accessibility  Office Statement  

 SupportOffice Accessibility Center

OpenOffice 4.1.4 with updates available online OpenOffice Accessibility OpenOffice Statement OpenOffice Support
Twitter newest version automatically updated Twitter Accessibility Twitter Statement Twitter Support
Vimeo newest version automatically updated Vimeo Accessibility  Vimeo Statement Vimeo Support
VoiceThread newest version automatically updated VoiceThread Accessibility

VoiceThread Statement

VoiceThread Support
YouTube newest version automatically updated YouTube Accessibility YouTube Statement  YouTube Support