Writing Placement Test

The University of Alaska uses the Accuplacer test to help students determine what writing course they will take when they begin college.  Writing placement is determined by the combination of a student’s score in reading comprehension and sentence skills (grammar).  Each test has 30 questions. The tests are untimed and most students complete the tests in about an hour. 

Accuplacer at Kodiak College

Students who want to take the Accuplacer at the Kodiak College campus should first create a student account with the University of Alaska if you do not already have one. If you need help with this step, please contact Student Services at 907-486-1266. There is no fee for taking the Accuplacer at Kodiak College.

Next, go to the fill out the Testing Appointment Request Form to request an time that is available according to the calendar provided. 

On test day you will need a current government issued ID that has your photo and signature and your UA ID number.

Accuplacer Remote

Students who would like to take the Accuplacer at home should  schedule an Accuplacer Remote testing time through our parent campus, the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Testing Center. Before you register to take the Accuplacer Remote, please review the technical requirements for the exam.

At the UAA Appointment Form, students should select the following: 

Choose Your Location: UAA Testing Center
Choose a Group: Accuplacer
Choose an Exam: Accuplacer Remote Online at Home Examity ($46.50)

Then choose the preferred date and time and fill out the rest of the required information as indicated on the form. The cost for the Accuplacer Remote is $21.50 ($21.00 is the cost for the UAA Accuplacer and $.50 is for credit card processing) plus an additional $25 proctor fee and the fees must be paid with a credit card.   

The remote Accuplacer can be taken one time.  

Students will receive a PDF of their Accuplacer score via email.


What should I do BEFORE I take an Accuplacer test?

  • Create a student account with the University of Alaska if you do not already have one
  • Brush up on your reading and grammar skills
  • Use the free Accuplacer Study App to review sample test questions
  • Look at the review questions available on an Accuplacer Practice Test website for more examples of test questions
  • Visit the Learning Center for assistance, if needed
  • If you need an accommodation to take this test, please contact Disability Support Services at or email Barbara Brown, Disability Support Services Point-of-Contact at Kodiak College at

For sample practice tests and study guide information, visit the Learning Center or the Test Center or go online to:

What should I do AFTER I take the Accuplacer?

  • Contact your academic advisor or Student Services for an appointment to go over your test results
  • Consult the Accuplacer Advising Sheet handout to find out which writing courses you are qualified to take
  • If results are inconclusive, a student can complete a writing sample for further evaluation by writing faculty
  • Review Degree Works for your program requirements
  • Look at the class schedule in UAOnline to determine your schedule