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Batik: Chemistry in the Real World

Students will learn the fundamentals of one of the world's oldest traditions in fabric design known as Batik. The science of wax-resist dyeing will be explained at the level of the molecules and with the principles of chemistry. Each participant will design their own original work of abolts of batik fabricrt by using brushes and metal objects in hot wax to stamp patterns on fabric. Week One: Lesson on the wax resist process. Your projects will be batiked, dyed, and then left to dry. Week Two: Lesson on the chemistry of dyeing fabric. Your projects will be crackled, overdyed, and left to dry to create interesting patterns. We will also learn how to remove the wax from the fabric. Come explore this hands-on science and art experience with Cindy Trussell. "I use this workshop as a lab for biochemistry because it illustrates some basic differences between carbohydrates and lipids, plus It is a fun technique to learn."

Instructor: Dr. Cindy Trussell
Cost: $69.00
Date: May 6 and 13
Time: 2 Saturdays, 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Format: In-person, KOC Technology Center Room 130 

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