Dual Enrollment for Kodiak High School Students

What is Dual Enrollment?

College-approved high school teachers teach dual enrollment courses at KHS. The courses meet college-level requirements and are conveniently delivered at the high school. Students may register through Kodiak College and pay a reduced tuition rate to earn college credit in addition to high school credit.

KHS Course CRN KOC Course Name & Number KIBSD Faculty KOC Credit Cost
Welding I 75393 WELD A112: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Anthony Cavan 4 $100
Welding II 75394 WELD A114: Welding of High Strength Steel Anthony Cavan 3 $75
Welding III 75396 WELD A161: Gas Metal Arc Welding Anthony Cavan 3 $75

How much does it cost?

Dual enrollment students pay $25 per credit or $75 for a 3-credit class.  Kodiak College students pay tuition of $234 per credit or $702 for a 3-credit class, plus fees.

Early registration is ENCOURAGED!  Kodiak College Student Services staff are available to answer your registration questions Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.  

How do we sign up?

  1. Review the UAA Secondary Student Enrollment Policy before starting the registration process for high school students.
  2. Create a student account or update your student account by filling out the Secondary Student Application for UAA.
  3. Submit the Secondary Student and Parent/Guardian Agreement (SPA) form available at the UAA Office of the Registrar web page under the Registration menu.  If you have already submitted a Student Parent Agreement to Kodiak College, you do not need to submit it again.
  4. Register for the class through the student’s account in UAOnline.  If you have any trouble logging into the student’s account, contact the UAA Technical Support Center at 877-633-3888 (option 1) for assistance.
  5. Pay your bill in person with cash or a check at Kodiak College by calling the Business Office at 486-1217 to set up an appointment to enter the building.  Credit card payments are accepted through UAOnline and a 3% processing fee will be charged. 

Online Registration Help

Assistance with online processes, including admission, registration, and payment, is available on the Kodiak College campus by appointment.  Please contact Lewis Watkins at lcwatkins@alaska.edu or (907) 486-1235 to set up a time to meet and register for a dual enrollment course.

Funding Opportunity

Students in the migrant education program may be eligible for assistance with tuition. Please contact the KIBSD Federal Programs office at (907) 486-7569 regarding funding for dual enrollment courses.

What if my student needs to get out of the course after registering for college credit?

Dual enrollment students follow published academic dates and deadlines for Kodiak College. The deadline to withdraw is October 30, 2020. Withdrawing from a course will not affect college GPA but can affect future financial aid eligibility. After October 30, 2020, the student's college transcript will reflect the letter grade earned in the course. Final grades will be posted in January 2021, when KHS instructors submit their fall semester high school grades.

FERPA Information:

Once a student is registered for college credit, they are protected under the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA). A signed and dated Authorization to Release Education Record Information from the student with a photo of a valid government-issued ID, must be emailed to Student Services at Kodiak College at studentservices@kodiak.alaska.edu for university-level grades, transcripts, or other student information to be released to anyone other than the student.  The form is available on the UAA Office of the Registrar’s web page under the Registration menu.

We look forward to helping high school students achieve their education goals through dual enrollment. Please contact Barb Brown bebrown@alaska.edu or 907-486-1211 if you have questions regarding opportunities to earn college credit while in high school.