Diversity Activities at Kodiak College

  • Alaska Native/Native American Heritage Month
    Kodiak College, UAA is proud to celebrate Alaska Native/Native American Heritage Month. In 1990, George H.W. Bush declared November to be Native American Heritage Month. It is now more commonly referred to as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. It is a time to celebrate the rich and diverse American Indian and Alaska Native histories and heritage, as well as educate ourselves about the historical and lived experiences of indigenous peoples who live(d) on the lands which became the United States.
  • Activities 2021/2022
    • Make the Yuletide Gay Potluck

      December 20, 2022

      Kodiak College Diversity Committee and Kodiak Pride partnered to produce Make the Yuletide Gay.  This was a potluck event that included a white elephant gift exchangeflyer for Make the Yuletide Gay: Sponsered by Kodiak Pride and the Kodiak College Diversity Committee and ugly sweater competition.  19 people came together to share in a potluck meal, exchange white elephant gifts, play games, and have a ugly sweater contest.  Prizes were provided by the Director of the College.  

      This event was able to capture the timing of many students returning to the island from other colleges (there were several Kodiak College Students present as well).  Two students from other colleges mentioned how great it was to see a thriving Queer and Ally community visible in Kodiak and how great it was to have the college in partnership with these events

    • Friendsgiving Brunch Pride Event 11/19

      November 19, 2022

      On November 19, Kodiak College Diversity Committee and Kodiak Pride partnered to pFlyer for: Get Ready for a Kodiak Pride Friendsgiving Brunch, November 19th, 11am at Kodiak College Benny Benson Roomut on a Friendsgiving Brunch event.  Eight people from the community attended and brunched together.  While not a large showing, two people mentioned this would be the only safe Thanksgiving event they would have where their identities would be accepted and respected

    • History, Historical Trauma, & Healing Event

      November 18, 2022Finding Refuge movie poster

      Hosted by Cama'i Club & KANA Prevention, all were welcomed to this evening event Friday from 6-8 pm in Benny Benson Building room 130. People learned about the Refuge Rock site and watched the film "Finding Refuge" in person or via Zoom.

    • Coming Out Stories Event

      In celebration of October 11, National Coming Out Day, Kodiak College’s Diversity Committee partnered with Kodiak Pride to produce The Coming Out Stories.  The Coming Out Stories is an adaptation of the Coming Out Monologues nationalflyer for Coming Out Stories movement.  

      Four individuals living in Kodiak and identifying as Queer shared their coming out stories to a crowd of 23 people.  There were light refreshments and beverages provided by the Director of the College.  The response was positive and plans are currently in the works to have another event next year.

    • MMIWG: A Conversation With Hanna Sholl. 

      April 30, 2022

      Kodiak College is hosted a second virtual event recognizing MMIWG. All were welcomhanna sholl wearing Alutiiq ceremonial clothinge to attend A Conversation with Hanna Sholl, on Saturday, April 30 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm. This Zoom discussion lead by Alutiiq artist and advocate Hanna Sholl complemented  the video showing of the movie, Bring Her Home, and explore the issues of MMIWG.  

    • MMIWG Film Event :Bring Her Home

      April 29, 2020Bring Her Home movie poster

      This was the first of two events in recognition of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG), with a free virtual screening of Bring Her Home, Friday April 29 at 7pm. Produced in 2022, this film shares the stories of three Indigenous women working to bring to light this national epidemic of violence and injustice. Sponsored by the Kodiak College Diversity Committee and the Alutiiq Studies Program, advance registration was required to attend. 


  • Activities 2020/2021
    • Elizabeth Peratrovich Day (February 16)

      UAA Alaska Native Studies Symposia in Honor of Elizabeth Peratrovich 

      Elizabeth Peratrovich

      Presentations by Alaska Native Studies students

      Presenters: Valerie Svancara and Barbara Sikvayugak 
      Title: Stories of Resilience: Alaska Native Student Transition and First Year Persistence in Higher Ed 

      Presenter: Christopher Liu
      Title: "Yugtun Language Tools" 

      Presenter: Joel Isaak 
      Title: Indigenous Literacy Development 

      Presenter: Sondra Shaginoff-Stuart, MA 
      Title: Łinay'snułkaas de' - Lets' Start Sewing, Learning Ahtna Language 

      February 16, 2021

    • Women's History Month, March
      Community Herald Native Women, a Celebration of Women's History Month, with free showings of seven films by and about Native Women, produced by Vision Maker Media. Kodiak is featured in Keep Talking, which follows four Alaska Native women fighting to save Kodiak Alutiiq, a critically endangered language with only 41 fluent Elders remaining.
    • Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls Day of Awareness (May 5)

      To raise awareness about the human rights issue of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG), Kodiak College hosted a lunchtime conversation with Sugpiaq artist and community member Hanna Sholl.

      Hanna is a 2020 Henry Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellow whose art in many mediums encompasses themes of Alutiiq celebration and revitalization, and advocacy for justice and reform.

      The event took place via Zoom on Wednesday May 5, the MMIWG National Day of Awareness, from noon to 1pm. All were invited to attend this free event.

    • Celebrating Alutiiq Cultural Revitalization


      Pathways to Individual Health & Community Wellness (Dec. 7 & 8, 2020)
      Listen to the recordings:

      Monday, 12/7 morning session access code: 7@yF6jg&

      9:00    Welcome & Opening Remarks
      9:30 – 10:00    The Massacre at Refuge Rock – Libby Eufemio, Alutiiq Studies Program
      10:15 – 10:45   Film – Finding Refuge
      10:45 – 12:00   Panel Discussion Historical Trauma - Margie Mete, RN KoC Nursing Program with Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD & Barbara Mainguy, MSW

      Monday, 12/7 afternoon session access code: b=8AD%Zz

      1 – 2:00   Film – Keep Talking
      2 – 3:30   Panel Discussion Alutiiq Language Revitalization - Alisha Drabek, PhD & Candace Branson, Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak

      Tuesday, 12/8 morning session access code: 2W+!MHv0

      9 – 10:30   Hanna Sholl – Healing Through Art, Henry Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellow
      10:30 – 12 Susan Malutin – Alutiiq Sewing & Embroidery Traditions

      Tuesday, 12/8 Afternoon session access code: r@bA7rLc

      1 – 2:00 Healing with Indigenous Plants & Cultural Foods
      2 – 3:30 Judy Simeonoff – Engaging Youth at Akhiok Spirit Camp
      Quyanaa & Closing Remarks