AAS, General Business

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in General Business provides students with a general knowledge of entrepreneurship, human resource management, business law concepts, marketing, and financial statement analysis. Students will gain a better understanding of for-profit and not-for-profit businesses, issues of social responsibility, business ethics, and forms of business ownership.

To provide maximum transferability to a Bachelor of Business Administration, it is recommended that students meet with an advisor to selectively choose courses.

For advising or more information contact Kathrynn Hollis-Buchanan at 907-942-5059 or khollis@alaska.edu .

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students graduating with an Associate of Applied Science in General Business will be able to:

    • Use critical thinking skills to solve problems and make decisions based on accepted business principles.
    • Explain the concepts of ethics, social responsibility, and the terms under which ethical rights and duties exist between organizations and society.
    • Discuss socially diverse and cultural differences and how global opportunities and challenges influence the decision-making process.
    • Explain human social relations and the implications related to the ability to effectively communicate in ethnically diverse contexts.
    • Discuss the process of achieving organizational objectives through people and other resources.
    • Apply the introductory concepts, fundamental theories, and essential practices in accounting, economics, marketing, and management.
    • Demonstrate a solid foundation in management, teamwork, and leadership skills

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General Education for AAS Degrees

AAS students who intend to pursue a baccalaureate degree should consult a faculty or academic advisor for appropriate course selections.

Major Requirements:

  • ACCT A201 Principles of Financial Accounting* (3)
  • ACCT A202 Principles of Managerial Accounting (3)
  • BA A151 Business Foundations (3)
  • BA A166 Entrepreurship and Small Business Management (3)
  • BA A231 Fundamentals of Supervision (3)
  • BA A233 Survey of Finance (3)
  • BA A241 Business Law I (3)
  • BA A260 Marketing Practices (3)
  • CIS A110 Computer Concepts in Business (3)
  • ECON A101 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
  • ECON A102 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
  • LGOP A110 Logistics, Information Systems and Customer Service
  • MATH A105 Intermediate Algebra (3)
  • Electives - Complete 9 credits of advisor-approved electives. Courses must be from: ACCT, BA, CIS, ECON, LGOP or LOG

*ACCT 101 and ACCT 102 may be used to satisfy the ACCT 201 requirement for this degree.

Graduates of the AAS in General Business will be able to apply business principles to achieve organizational goals and to manage business affairs with professionalism, integrity, and a spirit of inquiry.


Students build the confidence to communicate orally and in writing and interact positively with subordinates, superiors and customers, and other stakeholders.  They will also gain business skills relevant to the specific industry of their present and future employment, and will have the ability to manage and supervise specialists with consideration for all aspects of business.

Earning Potential

Business Operations Specialists in Alaska earn in the range of $35/hour.*

Job Outlook

Employment growth in this area is low with very high employment opportunities.*

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For advising or more information contact Kathrynn Hollis-Buchanan at 907-486-1210 or khollis@alaska.edu .

*Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development