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Providing career preparation and professional development rooted in Alutiiq culture and values.

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Students can now earn an Occupational Endorsement Certificate (OEC) in Alutiiq Language or an Associate of Arts in Alaska Native Studies. These programs are ideal for individuals working in language programs, teachers, and employees in tribes, Native organizations and Native corporations.
The Associate of Arts (AA) in Alaska Native Studies provides students with a critical and dynamic perspective on Alaska Native cultures, histories, politics and organizations. This AA provides a valuable opportunity for students interested in exploring their options in higher education and/or employment with an Alaska Native organization. 
Students can earn an Occupational Endorsement Certificate (OEC) in Alutiiq Language (also known as Sugpiaq) on their transcript through Kodiak College. The transcripted certificate is available to any student who receives grades of C or higher in the series of courses. Attainment of the OEC in Alutiiq Language will provide knowledge, resources and skills appropriate for a variety of entry-level jobs that use the Alutiiq language. Taken together, the courses introduce students to conversational speech and basic Alutiiq writing, reading and grammar, as well as contextual information about Alaskan language relationships, language endangerment and language revitalization. Students who earn this OEC will be able to certify a level of intermediate speech ability according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) scale through completion of an oral proficiency assessment. The style of Alutiiq taught in this program is Kodiak Island Alutiiq. 
Native Student Services, mentoring, tutoring, financial aid guidance, academic advising, and other services are available to Native students and others enrolled in Alutiiq Studies courses.
Contact Libby Eufemio for more information on how we can help you reach your educational goals!
AKNS A101E & A240 offered Fall semesters
AKNS A102E & A109D offered Spring semesters,
AKNS A292A & A292B offered in the Summer


Project Staff:

Libby Eufemio can assist in coordinating all aspects of Native Student Services.

Financial Aid:

Alaska Native/American Indian Financial Aid Resources

These programs were supported by a 6-year Title III Alutiiq Studies and Student Support Project (Fall 2011- 2017). The project developed new courses in Alutiiq language and culture, and designed the OEC in Alutiiq Language. In addition to these academic offerings, the project create a support network available to Native students through advocacy, mentorship, and learning communities. The Kodiak College campus became more conducive to Alutiiq culture, through culturally-relevant signage, learning and gathering spaces, and training of faculty and staff in Alutiiq culture and education issues.