Resources for Students

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Educational Technology

UAA offers free access to Microsoft Office and other software to students.  The Premiere Accessibility Suite is a valuable bundle of adaptive software that includes an e-Text Reader and a PDF Equalizer that are useful for converting e-books and documents to audio.

Computer Software from UAA

Explore Careers

Careers in Alaska

Many students wonder what career would be right for them and there are many criteria to consider when setting a career goal.  You can use the Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS) to take self-assessments that connect the answers about your abilities, interests and values to occupations.  AKCIS also provides information about the training and education needed for any job in the database.  The Alaska Department of Labor can help you learn more about careers in the state, including occupational outlook and wage ranges. 

Communicate with Faculty

Tips for Effective Communication

Students in both traditional and eLearning courses often struggle with how to communicate effectively with their professors. You can visit the link above to help build your communication skills and get the right messages across to your instructors and other faculty members.