Process and Participants


KoC Staff and Faculty meet once a month in a joint meeting.  The staff and faculty present at the 22 January 2021 meeting selected the aspirations and strategies and identified tactics that make up the body of this plan.  

Aspirations were chosen by a majority vote of those present.  Staff and faculty were then randomized into breakout rooms where each room selected a strategy under one or more of the aspirations and developed at least one tactic to drive our actions.  

The director took the information from those breakout sessions and developed a draft document; staff and faculty were given two weeks for edits and feedback before the finalized document was submitted to the Chancellor’s office.  

KoC Staff, Faculty, and Advisory Council members developed a list of stakeholders and categorized stakeholders into eight groups. Invitations were sent out to the groups and it was made clear that 1) stakeholders should pass the focus group information on to other stakeholders in their groups or organizations and 2) participants could attend any group they wished.  Advisory Council members teamed up to conduct the Zoom focus groups - facilitator and recorder.  


 All KoC faculty and staff, regardless of status (e.g. full-time, part-time, adjunct, etc.) had the opportunity to provide feedback and input on this process.  The agenda was available a week in advance of the Staffulty meeting so everyone knew what would be discussed.  Additionally, all faculty and staff had the opportunity to provide direct feedback and refine the draft version via Google documents prior to the director submitting the final version.